Is it Disgusting to Drool a little while asleep ?

It happens to me from time to time. I drool while asleep. I have no idea why or how to stop it.
since I never stayed over at someone else's place. by someone I mean a romantic interest.
It is disgusting?
What is the main cause?
Should I do something about it?

Thank you


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  • livaryAt least, Thank God, You don't have a Condition Referred to as "Dry Mouth," Which there is Medication on the Market for.
    I imagine you are quite "Bothered" by this here, dear, And I have heard of some Droolers in my Life, Snorers, People who Grit their Teeth and talk in Their... Sleep.
    However, I did some Research further on this and perhaps it is god to see a doctor and find out what you can Do: Suffering from Acidity, Known as GERD,
    Could be a Big Reason why you are producing Excessive Saliva while sleeping. The Acid makes the Gastric acid Stimulate your Esophagus, Which in turn Excites the "Esophagusalivary Reflex" And causes Excessive Saliva production.
    In other words, To me this sounds like you could have "Acid Reflex," I have family members who have this and take pills for it.
    Good luck And might be Good to see Your doctor about it. xx

    • *Ignore, please the 'livary' in the First word, My keyboard skipped a beat, I need to replace it. xx

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    • So welcome, sweetie, and better to be safe and to make sure. Thank you too for the Like. xxoo

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence. xxoo

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  • No its not. Its cute

    • I do think it's cute when guys do it tho xD
      I didn't think guys thought it was too with girls

    • Girls and guys aren't that much different. :p
      It does, in most cases though, come to personal preference and likings though

  • I don't feel like that. if you're my girl, I'll be shoving your entire vagina in my mouth. so I don't care about a bit drooling. I think less fatty food before sleep, eat only half tummy food will help you.

  • It's pretty normal. No big deal.


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  • I drool all the time LOL and it's never been a problem before. They usually laugh about it, make fun of you a bit, but if they like you somehow it's cute instead of gross. Don't worry about it lol. It's just because your mouth naturally produces saliva, and sometimes when you sleep a certain way it'll come out. If it really bothers you try and sleep more on your back

    • It doesn't hapen all the time. but when it does and I do know. I just go back to sleep and do nothing about it xD .
      it's not an overflow but it's there on the pillow xD

    • Yea haha it's never really a problem.

      Well okay, not like ALL the time, maybe like twice a week for me? Also depends on how tired I am.

  • It's not disgusting. My SO does it sometimes, I don't think it's all adorable or anything, I just don't care. He talks too, punched me in the face in his sleep once and then just randomly burst out laughing ha (he was definitely asleep). People do weird shit.

    • you think so? :D

    • Definitely.
      People snore, I think that's worse than a bit of drool because it's loud and wakes me up or keeps me going to sleep. Still don't care! lol.

  • Haha none of my spend the nights have ever complained. Girl I think most people drool and the ones who say they don't... do. Or maybe we are just awesome sleepers πŸ˜‰

  • Nah, it's normal. As long as you change your sheets regularly it shouldn't matter.

    • yeah... I do...
      thanks ^^

  • It happens to the best of us.

  • there is nothing you can do about it so don't worry about it

    • I guess I won't :3

    • or you can do as I do take my pillow with me so it won't matter ;)

  • This happens to me sometimes too! It happens because your jaw relaxes too much during sleep and your mouth is open, so saliva can drip out.

    I personally think it's cute and funny. If I was with a guy and he drooled I would laugh. I get so self-conscious though about it because it happens to me occasionally. I also snore.

    But I feel like if a guy really likes you, it's not going to be a deal breaker. It's a pretty common thing to happen and it's not like you did it on purpose. We all fart, pee and poop. So why are those things so shameful? Drooling isn't even half as bad as those other things in my opinion. You drool on him when you kiss anyway :)

    • fair point well made :)

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