I'm in a tight situation, financially. What to do?

Recently after my 19st birthday, i was driving my aunt vehicle to go visit a friend. Coming back I got into a car accident where I circled off the interstate, doen the hill and backed into a tree. I was sent to the hospital due to trauma and soreness. I alerted my cousin and she asked how I was and asked about the car. Doctor informed her that it is luck that i am still alive. But... She continue about the car, picked but up 7 hours later for me to learn there was not any insurance on the car. Now she is in a situation where she have to pay off the rest of the car. She told me i will have to put school on the side and help get another car. The next day, she got another car which her friend put a 3000 deposit and instructed me i have to give her my paychecks so she can pay her friend back. Right now i been working to pay for school. But i have to stop to pay the down payment of the new car and help pay for the old car. I dont know what to do. I see a cancelor already to talk my problem since i have noticed a lot of personal issues came to the light after my wreck. Sometime i think that i am better dead than to ne alive due to the hard situation i am in.



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  • That's her fault for not having any insurance on the car. You need to focus on you right now. I understand you were in a wreck that damaged her car, however you have to get your life back on track. Dont kill yourself trying to fix someone else's problems. You almost died in an accident and this bitch making you pay for her car, knowing full well she should have had collision coverage on it smh. Keep your head up boo and do the best you can. and do not put school on the side. focus on your education. If she really cared about you then she would not want you to drop out of school

    • Thank you I was talking to my mom and she explained to me all of this would be covered if she had insurance. And I was later told by my brother is that after my mom checked on me, because she was going to picked me up my cousin asked my mom "are you going ro ask about the car, the car is totaled and i have no car". After my brother told me that I was upset. Im a genuine person, I know it is my fault and I do want to help a little but after, I am moving back home.

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  • I think it's illegal to not have insurance on the car, it's her fault for not having insurance, don't pay her anything and consult a lawyer.

    • Laws vary between states. Some states allow no insurance if a bond is posted, and other states have other exceptions. And in any case usually the only required insurance is liability insurance for damage to someone else or their property. That is not the case here. Also the law refers to driving an uninsured vehicle, which comes back on the driver, not the owner.

      The insurance policy that the Asker carries (or is part of if it is her family) often has coverage for circumstances like this. Asker needs to check he own policy, especially for coverage of her medical costs.

  • i'm here for u bby ;)

    • Saying that isn't going to help me, I need guidance. This is stressing me out, I haven't eaten, I don't talk as much, I'm dealing with trauma, and I am just a emotional wreck right now and been since the accident.

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  • STOP PAYING YOUR AUNT RIGHT NOW she cannot force you to do this so don't do it go to legal aid and talk to a lawyer that way you can find out what you are responsible for from the accident. you have no obligation at all for the money your aunt borrowed. you need to get receipts for all moneys paid to date for the lawyer. this is what you need to do so you don't get ripped off ok

    • How do you know it is my aunt? And it's hard to not. I feel bad, I am genuinely a really nice and sweet person. Always been... My family told me to come back down and it is like I am more worried about just go ahead and pay 1500$, putting my two weeks for my job, and then going back.

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    • Ahhh, I meant to put cousin. To kind of tell what happened using different people. But I understand. And I'm grateful that you'd help me. Thank you!

    • ok. all I want is the best for you I am around if you need to talk. good luck