How much can I hope to make waiting tables at a basic restaurant -Not a dive not high end. Dinner typically 50-100$- 50 hours a week?

I spend about 1000$ a month on tent food gym transportation and misc costs. I am saving 10,000$

Any of you with experience, How long do you think it will take waiting 50 hours a week?

im guessing evening shift is more profitable?


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  • I waitress at Applebee's two nights a week. Mondays I can usually count on bringing home at least $60 for 7 hours of work, and Saturdays I usually bring home at least $130 for 10 hours of work. Last night (Saturday) was incredibly slow and I still made an even $100 in tips.

    The only thing is if you waitress full time, you likely won't get a tax return in April.

    • How do you manage to get a ten hour shift?

    • What kind of shoes are you allowed to wear? Close ties I know but can you wear boots and geeks if they are closed?

    • You are probably required to have non slip shoes. And I have closing shifts each time I work :) I work 6pm-1am on Mondays and 4pm-2am on Saturdays.

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  • working 50 hours a week, if it was only possible in Belgium, socialist piece of shit country.

    • How many hours can you work?

      Do you have health care at least? I don't.

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    • i empathize with your situation, but i don't see how its socialist if there's no social power adequate social support or political decision making power amongst the members of the society...

      does sound difficult.

    • in a socialist country the government is provider of health care and retirement money. in a capitalist country these are provided by the free market. in a totalitarian socialist country the government is also provider of your car, your house, your wage, your clothes, your food, your benefits, they regulate leisure time. you have them a county like nazi germany or the USSR.

      Europe is super socialist if you did not already know that.

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  • Are you getting a base salary or is it purely top based?

    • Well at first I'll buss for about a week to a month. I'm not counting that period bc it will be minimum wage - 7 something?- without tips.

      Once I'm full waiting it will be based on tips. I mean I think I get something absurd like 2.50/ hour. But bulk of income will be based on tips.