Why do People get Mad at Someone for Telling the Truth?

I feel this happens to me a lot. I try not to be hurtful toward most people, but there are just some others who need the "brutal" honesty. I'm not a mean spirited person in a way but when I try to be realistic others think I'm being pessimistic or negative. Has this ever happened to you and how do you deal with it?
PS I may not like Kanye West but this is kind of how i feel.Why do People get Mad at Someone for Telling the Truth?


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  • It's your tone of voice and body language, not just the words.

    **With that said- Some people can't take complete honesty.**
    I prefer someone who's blunt/forward.

    If I do or say something that you feel you need to tell me about, I don't take it personally.

    I like criticism. If it's something I can't change [i. e. you are too tall] , I just laugh. So what? Get used to it, I'm not shrinking anytime soon. ;)

    • I get what you say but and I try to sound serious but sometimes it can be taken the wrong way. I prefer "constructive criticism", pointing out the good and bad. {i. e. you're too short, I want a man 6' or up], well i'm not wasting my time! Get used to it or find someone else, I'm not growing taller cause I'm already 20 and most men are under 6'.

    • I used to require a man of a certain height. Until recently, I met someone amazing; who's short than myself.

      Couldn't care less about his height. He's incredible.

      Some people just can't take honesty or criticism. I like it [so long as it's constructive].

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  • It's because it's normally negative

    • But there's being negative and being realistic.

    • I understand your perspective but we live in a world where some people like to play the victim

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  • Can you give an example?

    There's what you say and how you say it. Most problems in conversation come from the latter.


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  • Because it wasn't what they wanted to hear or believe. Sometimes people don't like hearing the truth.

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