Is this considered personal information about someone?

If a professor says that they only talk about the work/the subject with their students, but they talk to them about these things;
-their childhood
-political views
- mention that they're single
-drinking/drug habits
- their friends

... is this all considered personal information? The context is a bar, after a day of meetings/talks.

Then, on another similar occasion, when the same guy was talking about how he has to keep professional boundaries, and the student mentioned that he sometimes did talk about his personal life when he'd had a drink (tipsy, not drunk), he said to her: 'no, I did not talk to you about personal things... I only talk to you about work.' Maybe he forgot what he'd said, or he just wanted to pretend he never said those things?


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  • Political views is personal information, but it can be shared. The other things can be too personal to be shared. It all depends on how each person sees it actually.

    • Well, the prof said that only ever talks about work with students, but then he talked about all of those things on several occasions... And then later said he never did it :/

    • So maybe he opened an exception just once.

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