Girls, Would any of you be willing to travel and/or move to a different country with your boyfriend, fiance, or husband?

I am a single man who lives in the US, and I plan on doing a lot of traveling in Europe once I graduate from university. I hope to live in each of the following countries for a certain amount of time: UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Spain, Sweden, and even Japan (although it is outside of Europe).

I hope to travel all of these countries, explore, sight see, and experience different cultures before choosing my favorite and settling down there.

The problem is that I want to get married, and I don't want to wait until I grow old. What are the odds that I can find a nice girl who would agree to follow me on my adventures and settle down with me at the end?

I hope I don't have to choose between marriage, and fulfilling my dream...


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  • I gave up my own life for awhile in the USA when I had Gone back to Egypt to marry a man from Egypt and Live... Unhappily for Awhile with little Smile.
    Focus on you and then Decide.. Who loves you Unconditionaly to take the Ride.
    You only live Once.
    Good luck and Great question. xx

  • I would not look for it. If I meet a guy and we like each other, I would be willing to do it at some point 👍🏻

  • It's hard to find someone who is willing to give up anything they wanted in life to live by your whims. All you talk about is what "you" want... As you grow, it will take some compromise. But it doesn't have to be all or nothing.

    • I realize that I may have to compromise at some point. I just wanted to see what my chances were of finding someone who wanted all the same things I want.

    • Zero, lol. For everyone, not just you. :)

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