What should I say to him?

So, a group of friends and I have just seen neighbors 2 and it got us talking about having our own kids in the future. And how'd we discipline them to not be like those college students from 1 and, but my best friend, Erik, said he doesn't want a daughter. He says if he did, he'd try to put her up for adoption at birth or If his wife/GF decided to keep it, they'd have to split because he doesn't want to be one of those guys who molests their loved ones/children.

We tried telling him that's stupid but he believes that science dictates all men look at all woman no matter the age as potential mates, just most are better at controlling the urges than others and he is so scared he'll be one of them guys that he legits have panic attacks.

Is there anything we can say to him or do for him that'll help or is this just something he has to work out for himself? Because i mean, I've heard that parents magically become more protective or whatever of their children when they are born, moms liftibg cars or whatever, etc, but is that true? You'd think no human would won't to do those things to their on flesh and blood but it happens. Hell, even worse happens. Is his fear justified? Because now its even Got me questioning myself and im like... f*ck.

And in today's society, girls are getting less and less conservative at less and less an age.


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  • That guy is fucked up.
    There is nothing a real man loves more than his daughter.
    Sure when she develops it might get a bit weird sometimes.. But that doesn't change any feelings of us to her whatsoever.
    Anyone who would even think of molesting their children is sick in the head.


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  • Try to convince him to at least see a therapist once, they may help convince him.


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