What makes a sociopath? am I sociopath what do u guys think?

Firstly I don't think I'm a sociopath. But my friend say I have sociopath tendencies? I'm like there such thing as sociopath tendencies either u are one or not.

He told me thya I do these thing a lot and I do but I don't agree that makes me a sociopath.

1. I think I'm above and better than everyone ( which is true I feel like I'm better than all and world stops when I go to sleep)

2. I like to watch people get hurt ( I do like this but mostly if I don't like this person. This guy I know I hate him his girlfriend was banging his coworker and he cried in the break room. And I smiled the entire time he crying.

3. You like to watch people and manipulate
and anticipate there movement and thoughts ( I do this to but its fun to see people mad scared nervous or even happy i like to watch body language. I like to watch when a guy hits on a girl and sqatch her reaction or his. I love stereotype and seeing if people live up to them I like to spread rummor just little ones and watch them grow and change people opinion of one another)

4. No empathy ( he said because I watced this homeless lady get hit by a car laughed at her scream and walked away. She was screaming like spongebob. Also the guy that hit her and broke her leg stopped and called the cops why shpuld I stay. My friedn was here with me when it happened. He laughed afterwards but not during. also I light have told him that if tboose people over there died I wouldn't care because it didn't happen to me or thing or people I like so it doesn't matter. Also when people cross me there no boundaries I would take to get even.

5. Caring about people opinion of me and I lie to much. ( I care how people percvie me a lot. I want people to think I'm nice and kind. So I lie sometimes to make it happen.

I told him im asshole at best I told him. He says leafy is here is a asshole. he want me to see someone im like bro it's me.

  • Sociopath
  • Borderline
  • Just a ordentnary asshole
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  • You need to be diagnosed by a professional. You can't label yourself as a sociopath based on other peoples opinion of you.

    It's even possible you could be psychopath, in which case you'd be even more dangerous to society. Seek professional help, because it does appear you have some sort of psychosis


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  • Even if that's what you wanna be, you're not.
    Sociopaths are exremely good at mimicking emotions so if you really were a sociopath your friend never would have noticed in the first place.
    Sorry, no "cool" mental disorder for you to brag about, but keep trying.

    • I dont wanna be that I'm tired of the insults of being called that.

      I'm trying to tell them what I do most people do anyway

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    • Yeah it doesn't even make any sense because if you were a sociopath your friend wouldn't know it, trust me.

    • Great that's what I'll tell them

  • Number 2 makes you a psychopath

    • I hated that guy soooo. much I was glad to see him down on his luck. It ga e me a warmth like in my heart. it was tinglly and felt good the longer he cried. it like when someone tells u to hold the elavotor and u close it. I smile all the way to the tenth floor

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  • Had this convo with co-workers and a few extras... those ARE sociopathic behaviors... know how i know? Im one too.
    some try to act like its border line psychopath but there is a distinct difference or at least a couple of them.
    oh and number 5 is half wrong (or half right) however you want to look at it.

  • Dang brah lol that's sociopath, yea

  • Sociapathic tendencies show themselves from childhood, sociopath children hurt their playmates and even sometimes results are fatal. You are not a sociopath, not even close.

    • See I'm just a asshole thank u. I killed few birds when I was 8 but only because I don't like bird. I didn't test there necks it was just water a water hose and killed like 8 pigeons.

      Those birds are ugly anyway

    • You try hard to be sociopath but you're not.

    • What part that I dont wanna be that don't h under stand that not a fuking good thing.

      Im a asshole not a weirdo.

      I just do the things I like and I like to mess with people. I bet a buncha of y'all do the same

  • I don't think you are a sociopath.

  • Sociopaths are people who have Antisocial Personality Disorder. Everything you listed up there fits the criteria except for the last one. You are most likely a sociopath, however, you need to be diagnosed by a professional. I was diagnosed with ASPD a few years ago, so hello my fellow sociopath lol

  • 'Sociopath' seems a simple pseudo scientific or pseudo medical insult to me:

    noun: sociopath; plural noun: sociopaths
    a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior.

    Me (and my friends) don't like you, thus you're a 'sociopath'.