What were your favorite songs as a kid?

These songs always made feel happy Lol. I would dance all over the house singing them at the top of my lungs.


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  • When I was a child and we went on long car rides (3+ hours), which are way less common here than in the US, my parents would usually listen to Eros Ramazotti. So because I couldn't remember his name but I really liked the music, I just started calling him "car-music". I got so used to him being played on long car rides that I would get a little upset if my parents played something different for once ;-). One particularly fond memory I still have is when we drove from Switzerland all the way to Barcelona and from there with the car-ferry over the sea to Mallorca (where my family has a vacation house). I was maybe 5 years old at that time and the whole trip took around 30-35 hours. I still remember this one moment where it was in the middle of the night, probably somewhere in the south of France, my big brother was sleeping next to me, my mom was sleeping on the passenger seat and my dad was driving. I pretended to be asleep, while looking at the pretty, colorful little lights on the dashboard of the car and listening to Eros Ramazotti, which my dad was quietly playing.
    One of my favorite songs by Ramazotti is and was "Se bastasse una bella canzone"

    • This is a very beautiful song!! Thank you for sharing

    • I'm happy you like it. It means quite a lot to me... the song brings up lots of precious memories :-).

    • It makes me a little sad to be honest... it reminds me of a lot of beautiful memories that my parents created.

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  • colors of the wind by pocahontas and where the wild things are by metallica (still a favorite to today)


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  • ... backstreet boy's

    *starts throwing pillows at everyone* DON'T JUDGE ME!

    • Lol no judgment I pinky promise... did you even see the songs I posted I have no right to judge you😊 which song was your favorite?

    • Honestly I loved every single song they had ever made. It's the only band that I had ever listen to every single song and know majority of them by heart. :D