Which Of These Martial Arts Is Most Effective In Real World Situations?

  • Krav Maga
  • Keysi Fighting Method
  • Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
  • Western Boxing
  • Kickboxing ( Muay Thai)
  • Taekwondo
  • Pencak Silat
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  • Any of those actually would be very effective in the real world, Traditional Karate is effective as well since the traditional stuff was designed for use in close combat during war and more often then you'd be met with your attacker using a knife or being trained in hand to hand same as you. Goju Ryu is also very good for practical fighting in the real world as Goju Ryu was actually created to combat street fighters, muggers and the like as well as trained fighters.

    In reality though you can be training in the most powerful and dangerous martial arts in the world but it wouldn't matter if your not skilled and don't have a high reaction time, and honed senses, that's what it comes down to in the real world. So how effective each of those arts and how well you'll deal wit an attacker will be largely depends on how skilled of a fighter you are, how high your reaction time is and how well honed your senses are as well as your mindset.

    • I'd answer this, but phoenix98 knows this topic better than me, and I wholeheartedly agree with his answer.

      Good school that teaches full contact continuous sparring, and working hard at it is what matters most.

      In a real self defense situation, it's more likely that being confident will matter, or nothing will matter then anything else. And the next most common is that you'll wish you'd trained more and harder, vs. thinking 'dammit my Kickheavy TKD approach matched up poorly with my single opponents shoot/gnP style'.

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  • id say kickboxing. most of the others rely on precision grabbing or attacks that just won't happen on a clumsy person that dont know how to fight. or they have a weakness if you get grabbed you can't fight back or if you get kicked you have no idea how to deal with it really.

  • Gotta go with Jiu jitsu to an extend when opponents grab you.
    Otherwise, Muay Thai is good.

    I trained in all of these and I say it's good to know a piece of all of them.

    Why no Jeet Kune Do? That's the most complete art for me.

    • MMA took all the principles if Jeet Kune Do and improved on them, And I already used one of the most popular forms of MMA training.

    • Not really.
      The vertical punch is still superior. Joint locking of Chin na is still not a thing. Biu Jee is still not a thing.
      MMA added grappling, but Bruce was starting to add that when he died. aw well.

      Also, the JKD I studied is not as watered down as the JKD most learn. It's the original stuff Bruce did, then I personally added to it.

    • Apart from the art, it's the practitioner. In reality, only a person of violence can really be able to defend themselves in battle. One either has to be born that way, or trained very hard to the point of personality change.
      I know some who train in some MA and they couldn't defend themselves if needed. While others who are not trained will kill a guy if stepped to.

      Also, most MAs were not developed by a guy who went to a school. They learned it the hard way.

  • 9mm 30 meters away. Game Over!

  • Probably Krav Maga and other full contact methods... Some variations of Kung Fu as well, MMA, etc...

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