A gay vs a lesbian in a steel cage match. Who wins?

A gay vs a lesbian in a steel cage match. Who wins?

  • The gayman
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  • The lesbian woman
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  • The gayman so far.


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  • The gay dude lol look at his body, duh - the lesbian is just fat but doesn't have any muscles...

    • The pictures are just to make it look funnier. I think a lesbian would win most of the time cause they are birch whereas most gays are effeminate

    • No dude no, lol I have a gay best friend who seems like the girliest dude ever but he's a real badass bitch when he's mad he even pulled my hair when we had a fight once (we were like 13 back then tho) but anyway since gays feel like 0 attraction to women they're not gonna be effeminate at all that's really nothing but a stereotype tbh..

  • Lol, what is this question? xD


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