Why is the payment for my hotel room back in my account?

I got a hotel room for the 26th-29th and I checked right after they confirmed and I had a dollar left (I withdrew cash earlier because it was a convention and I only left the hotel money on because it was booked months on advance)

I don't get paid till the 4th of June so i haven't used my card, but today my friends and I were going to get something to drinks after class ended so I checked to see how much I had plus the money in my wallet and all the hotel money is back in my account. It already went the pending process to get out, but it's back now. Does anyone know why?


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  • Wow, I was at a convention on the 28th and 29th. Spooky.

    But yeah, it might have been a mistake, you should probably notify them.

    • It was in Norfolk, Va

      And if it was a mistake I kinda don't want to message them so they can fix it because it was for a few days and I want the money.

      I have to check with someone else because we used to cards to book it there was the actual fee on my card and the fee that gets returned if you don't use the restaurant the hotel had and other services. So theirs should be returned, but not mine. I'll call them to make sure Thiers is returned and then call again to see what happened

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    • It does make sense, no worries.

    • I'll more than likely end up calling, but there have been times where people (not me personally) where will buy something with a card and the money never ever comes out, but they product is confirmed and everything goes through smoothly.

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  • might of been a mistake on their part. call them.