If Child Services called, would they call from an unknown number? And at 2am?

At about 2am I got a call from a woman that claimed to be from Child Services. I don't know who the hell it was. What threw me off was that the number was unknown, and when I didn't answer the first time, because I was sleeping, the person called back instead of leaving a message and a callback number, like most professional places do. The woman who called also sounds super ghetto and it just didn't sound real. I don't recognize the voice at all. But whoever she was she knew my name. Does this sound real to anyone else? Or was it a friend pranking me?


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  • Sounds sketchy. I suppose it's possible that they would call at 2am if it were an emergency, but I would definitely call them from the number in the Yellow Pages or online and verify it's legitimate before giving ANY information or letting ANYONE get near your kids.
    Your name, phone number, and lots of other information is available online (even if you don't think it is), so don't take it as proof that it's legit.

  • Scam it sounds like

  • Not real.


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