Boyfriend is taking the twins to see their mother in prison?

My boyfriend wants me to join him and see meet his sister who is currently serving around 8 years in prison for possession and usage of illegal narcotic's. I would like to meet her but i also am a bit nervous because my boyfriend said he didn't even tell her what i looked like. I don't want to walk in and here her ask if the babies are safe around me or if I'm around them as if i would hurt them and i don't actually know if she is okay with them being technically our babies since we had to adopt them and i don't know if i should go.

Is it normal to feel this way? Or is it weird?

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  • No it's weird.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Totally normal. I'm sure it's just your mind drawing up some bad scenario from meeting someone big in your boyfriend's (and your adopted children's) lives. Try to relax a bit, I'm sure things won't go so bad! If you need to talk to your boyfriend about things to try and calm your nerves then I'm sure he would be completely fine with that as well, plus it may help!


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  • I would be very uncomfortable in that environment anyway on top of meeting her

    • the environment doesn't scare me its seeing her scares me

    • Yeah I could understand that but at she can't hurt you while there for 8 years also

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  • Totally normal. There's nothing wrong with those feelings


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