What's wrong with me?

I've become a pathetic mess.

I just keep crying all the time, ever since school stopped working out I've become... like nothing.

I wake up at odd times, I sleep at odd times. I actually don't know what exactly has happened.

It's like I've lost the will to be competitive.


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  • "I've become a pathetic mess. "

    You always were one. You're just realizing it.

    • No I wasn't. I was far away from being that

    • No, you weren't, you needed grades and school to keep it together because of the merit system. Now there's no one to tell you "good job" and no A to keep your fragile world in check.

      Welcome to adulthood. You were just never ready.

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  • Sounds like depression, I've been there and lost all will to do anything and had nightmares all the time. Go see your doctor and tell them what's happening, maybe they will send you to a psychologist or they will prescribe you with some anti-depressants.


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  • And that folks... is why i drink. So i don't sound like... well... ☝︎that.

  • Sounds like early stages of depression, you might wanna consult a psychiatrist. I don't think anyone here can truly answer you question.


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