Why do people care about 'smart' when University tests effort rather than intelligence?

I'm serious.

Sure you have to be smart to graduate with high distinction etc.

However, for the most part, if there's 'x' guy who is super smart and puts in no effort, whereas there's 'y' guy whose studying like 5 hours a day, this 'y' guy WILL do better. It's just common sense.

I actually don't know why being smart is even a part of the question. And this happens *all* the time. When I was in school, there was this indian guy (I'm indian too) who kept trying to imply I wasn't that smart because I worked *so* hard.

I ended up with the A. I'm not even sure he got a B. Whose the real winner amongst the two of us? Something to think about.

Oh and I was smarter lol


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  • Because social upbringing. Stop fighting the order and shut the hell up. Get back in line, worm.

    • Are you saying this to me? Or are you just saying that's the logic.

      Well. If there's a person who is not going to work hard and *thinks* they're smarter, time will catch up to that person and make him/her a loser.

      True story

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    • On this site? Pot calling the kettle black

    • That saying is misused so much.

      The once ivory kettle refusing to acknowledge its fallen state to a black soot covered overused and underappreciated piece of complete shit thinks to deign to"reflect" but can only deflect.

      It is you who posed the question, the problem, the belief, and the delusion. Tell me, Kettle, did you feel clever? Did it make you feel slightly better?

      "I'm not black!" says Kettle, "Not like you Pot!"


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  • The education system is inherently flawed in that it rewards people who simply memorize information instead of nurturing curiosity, exploration, and the ability to exercise your mind and develop skills to address problems. Children are simply taught to remember certain things and then pass tests by providing certain answers, but when you become an adult and have to face a range of challenges and problems, they all require skills like critical thinking, creative thinking, imagination,

    • which most adults lack.

    • Yeah I agree.

      But I think in University, even the most innovative of programs, it boils down to how you perform on exams, and how much effort you are putting into your readings.

      It sucks, but it's the way of life.

      There is no POINT in trying to put someone else down for being less smart, because the grades are what 'proves' your intelligence (irregardless of whether they even are actually capable of your ability).

      Put in effort, do well, be happy. Simple process and no more.

      It took me a very long time to understand this, but what you should be focusing on is how you are going to master the material as opposed to hte pace at which you do it.

      For example, if I read a 20-page article and it takes me a half hour, versus someone else does it and it takes them 20 mins. but they don't really keep up with the course, what's the point of that brain if you're not using it, seriously

    • I look at it this way, I have an awareness that my intelligence or anyone else's isn't based on their formal qualifications of grades, but because of the system that is in place (that I can't change), if I want to accomplish certain goals, I need to "play the game" and go through educational institutions like everyone else.