If I don't like studying does that mean I'm not clever?

I'm just lazy man.

Come exam time I'll be studying for hours and hours straight and can do it.

During the week I'll just... not study.

I don't know why I'm like this.


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  • I'm the same way, and I always have been. For me, studying the material throughout the course is a waste of time because I'll forget practically all of it by the time the exam comes around.

    It's much more effective for me to cram for everything all at once shortly before the exam so that I can actually remember it.

    Despite all of this, I never got lower than an A- on a report card throughout my entire four years of high school. It worked for me, so I stuck with it.


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  • I hated studying, always saw it as a waste of time. I never studied in high school and aced all my classes, and i was in mostly AP classes...


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  • No it does not mean your lazy. I have tried studying and not studying and I always get the same grade so I just don't study. How ever I do love to learn. I'll watch documentaries and ted talks for hours but school just bores me.

    • lol I totally agree with you! Effort sometimes means nothing in University.

    • True very true

  • No it means your normal

  • Well, that doesn't determine if you're clever or not.

    The results of the exam do.

    • But the results of the exam is based on how much you study

    • Being clever means using the opportunities you get to fulfill a certain task in a good manner.

      So in a way, there is a certain cleverness needed to end up with good exam results.

      Or well uh, you are clever but just lazy like me. Then we shouldn't use exams as a comparing thing.

      So yeah, you can still be clever without studying. No Problems.

    • No I think it should be both.

      When I was in school there are some subjects that people just don't get. Like taxes. THey just don't understand it no matter how much they study.

      I on the other hand did 'get' it. But I didn't study that much because it's mad boring lol.

      I am sure there are tonnes of students who may not be as 'smart' as me who actually 'got it' and did better in those courses.

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  • because studying a lesson is so boring