Have you ever been told you have a cold heart or no feelings?

I've been told that I'm cold hearted or i have no feelings because apparently not crying in movies makes me cold hearted. I don't like to cry in front of people it's embarrassing because everyone will look at you. I feel like if I cry in front of people I'll get laughed at. Yes I cried before but only when I'm not with people. I rather go to the bathroom and cry about it.
The feelings part... I have feelings too. Some people think I don't have any feelings so they think it's okay to say something mean. It doesn't effect me... sometimes because I don't really care unless it's certain things. I've been taught to just ignore the ignorant people who say stupid things.

I don't really liked be called cold hearted or having no feelings. So the stupid question is: Do you get called that? Cold hearted? Or having no feelings?


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