I want to know what true confidence is like?

I have confidence issues, in a good day when I achieve something or fix something I feel my confidence raises, most of the time my confidence is ok but I wish I can Say that I'm truly confident.

my self esteem is not were I feel it needs to be, I'm constantly have negative thoughts about myself and others, I'm overall positive and a good guy I try to do the best I can everyday. I really don't want to feel like I need the attention of people specially attractive women to feel somewhat good. If I don't feel like I didn't get the attention I wanted from women I find attractive I feel inadequate and I get negative and I know this should not be everything but this has taken a lot of my time. I'm in no way ugly or have a bad attitude or personality or looks wise I'm not the hottest guy but I'm not hidious looking either, I'm pretty average and in a good day I may feel confident enough to feel handsome But I still struggle with seeing myself in a better light.. can anyone share your thoughts or experiences regarding how you feel about you? I been working out too so I'm committed to trying to get in better shape and take care of myself.

i like the answers


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  • You are you and the only person you should compare yourself to is yourself. I'm very happy with myself, the way I look, who I am etc. When you feel that way about yourself other people's opinions about you don't matter. Compliments are a bonus but I don't need them. If I don't get attention from women I don't care because I'm happy with who I am, if I do get attention from women that's just bonus but like compliments I don't need it.


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  • "im the shit, fuck everyone else's opinion"...

  • It's amazing.

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