Girls, is being "pretty" a good thing for guys?

I've been called pretty by a decent amount of girls in the past and I've always wondered, is it good being a guy who's pretty? Does i mean I'm not very "manly"? Would you date a pretty guy?

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  • when we call a guy pretty, we aren't usually saying he's unmanly. it's sorta just a cute way of telling u ur hot.


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  • Well, there is no such thing as "pretty guys". There can be handsome guys but the word pretty is reserved for females. By saying you are pretty means you have delicate facial features and overall tend to give off a feminine vibe.

    Most girls are into it, anyway.

  • What kind of "pretty"?
    The type of pretty that if he wears a wig and puts on a bra can pass as a girl or pretty like models?
    The first one isn't such a good thing, but I can't see anything wrong with the latter.

  • Life would be so boring if every guy was a manly hunk. You don't have to be that way, pretty boys are great too. Look at Harry styles for example.. He isn't the manliest man but girls love him.

  • For girls who like those feminine looking guys, it's great. For girls who like manly men it's not so great.