I had 2 weird incidents.. I've messaged a guy.
1) one day I checked my fb message inbox and all of my friends messages disappeared except 4 people! But I could still see the message I sent if I actually go to his personal profile and click on the message button. And it says I think it said seen "11:20PM" (I sent my message 10:30pm). BUT later that same day, I checked and all of my friends' messages appeared again and his went back to "unseen".

2) So I've messaged him a second time, a week later only his message disappeared on my message inbox.. so I went back to his profile and it says "seen" on the exact same time I've sent the message! Literally a few seconds later his message appeared again on my inbox so I clicked on it and it says "unseen" again?

Did he see my message but marked as unread so when fb had problems it accidently showed he has read it?

Or did my message go to "another folder" ? because fb might've marked me as spam because i sent him a long message with a phone number. Thank you so much


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  • I dont understand face book's settings.