What to expect at a "frat party"?

So I am going with my friend there, is this place really as they sjow in movies? Filled with frat jocks causing trouble? I am kinda scared and also what should I wear and go exactly when, they didn't told us exact time. They jusr said tonight and we are nervous and exited at same time lol


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  • Alcohol (a lot of god-awful lukewarm beer), weed, guys hitting on you, loud music, dancing/grinding, and games of beer pong and flip cup.

    Also, do not take off your shoes under any circumstances. The floor is likely disgusting. Have fun, though, and stay safe. Stick with your friends.

    • Will they kick us out for some reason or something?

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    • I don't remember dealing with that. I wouldn't go to a frat that's known for doing those kinds of things though. Screw them if they have a problem with you not flirting with them. Don't put up with that, just get all your friends and leave to a better party.

    • Lol they only ones that invited us but thanks

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  • Don't take off your shoes
    Lots of alcohol
    Intoxicated people
    Sexual advances/harassment

  • Frat parties are nothing to worry about as long as you keep a close eye on your drink!


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