I have to fix this right away advice?

Have you ever messed something up so bad and you try to fix it but all you do is make things worse. My sistes's boyfriend which she is deeply in love with (he has mental problems which i did not know.) She never introduced me to him because i always mess things up for her supposidly. i texted him a joke pretending to be her and he didn't get it soi texted "Your a little slow today" and he texted me back furious! Saying "How are you fucking going to say that to me? I thought you loved me and you would never say anything mean to me. You are so rude im breaking up with you" I thought that he was joking, but he wasn't. (Com'on he is going to get upset about something like that?) My sister has been texting him all night trying to straighten things out but he doesn't believe she has a sister. I took it upon myself to text him and explain (only making things worse) i dont know what to do anymore. I have to fix this but i can't but i have to. Advice?


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  • i don't believe you.

    if he knows her, he'd know she would never say such a thing... so her trying to convince him otherwise doesn't seem probable.


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  • Go over in person with her and prove that you're real, and apologize in person. I don't understand why you did that in the first place, and if he gets upset because he legitimately has a disability, you can't be as insensitive as you are anyways. If he got upset then he got upset, it's not up to you to judge whether or not he should have.

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