Can you translate this quote about cellphone?

Right, my phone. When these things first appeared, they were so cool. Only when it was too late did people realize they are as cool as electronic tags on remand prisoners.

What does it mean, as I understand it that we are like zombies with all that technology :/

anyone knows it? what that quote mean?


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  • I can understand this completely :) I was twenty something when i had my first cellphone. it was cool at first before it was an easy way to contact your friends and family if you were out (up to that point if you needed to contact someone when out you had to find a payphone) or if you had an emergency. Also the texting was something new and as everything new was fun and intriguing. But i can see why we became prisoners. Because nowadays a cellphone became necessity. You are not free anymore you became slave of it. Anyone can reach you at any point , you go out to have fun etc and you have the damn think as extension of your hand. People spend hours and hours texting etc but i can assure you the friendships of the past when real people spend time with real people and not through a phone were way better. Technology made to make life easier end up consuming our lives. It is difficult to understand if you haven't lived in a time without cellphones but in my opinion as the quote implies you were free then

    • on a more literal note it maybe even talking about how easy is to know the location of a person and his personal information just by them having a cellphone. But i think is more likely the first

    • such a nice comment !! Yes we're slaves. It's just sad that kids and next generation won't understand what being FREE means :/

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  • Zombies are dead. So like tired and their only priority is eating the dead. We are like zombies with all that technology because most people's lives are consumed with technology. That's are priority. We are tired (dead) all the time because of our phones


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