Why do I feel so depressed to be leaving school?

I feel so sad.

I am taking one course extra at school despite me having finished my credits for graduation and someone's reaction was like... why? You're graduating, there's no point.

I feel good taking the course.

Plus I just feel like I'd be really really lonely now it's hard to say goodbye to school.

I am not even graduating with good grades... I feel like a loser.


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  • Do you intend to stay in contact with your friends after school? Maybe that's the problem? You're not sure if you will?

    • ha ha i had no friends

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    • That's a guarded attitude, and one typically has to be accustomed to solitude like you and I to pull it off without falling in to depression or whatever. Good luck with that.

    • Yeah I agree. Thank you. I guess like the saying goes, once bitten twice shy

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  • Lol, neither am I really, but I got into my top college (which is actually competitive to get into). I didn't care about grades. They don't mean much to me because I know I'm smart. Grades don't determine that. I'm not a loser for it though. I'm happy to be graduating tomorrow. I'm done with this high school shit. Worst 4 years of my life.

    • I'm in University and I am done my 4 year degree... but I just feel empty

    • @Asker wrong career than?

    • I am starting to wonder this too.

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  • I can relate to that feeling. Could be that you're losing your identity as a student, and/or it could be that you have no direction on what to do next.

    I graduated with good grades and still feel like a bit of a loser, so don't feel too bad about that part.

    • Thank you.

      I used to do so well in school.

      Then something happened.

      I started doing terrible. I failed 2 courses I thought I wouldn't even get the degree.

      I had to work so hard to get back in the game. I did well in my last year (relatively) but I was never the same.

      I miss me. I was such a smart girl. I feel like... I've become a pathetic mess.

      I feel so good taking this one course. I was very good at things that most people weren't too great at, like Economics. I was sitting there realizing I 'got it,' and felt this sense of pride which I haven't felt for a while

    • So it feels like you've lost a part of yourself, the 'smart girl.' That could be why you feel depressed.

  • Because suddenly you've realized you are indeed a loser.

    • I'm not. Plus what is WRONG with you, do you have no sense of positivity in your life whatsoever

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    • I post anonymously because that's the beauty of this website.

      You can have a real conversation about something with no name, face, culture, religion, pretty much anything except your 'story' to prevent bias from anyone. Think about it whenever we converse with people no matter how much we deny it we simply cannot separate the person from the situation/their plight.

      Hmm I am still a fresh graduate and my attitude towards me feeling like a loser won't probably last that long. But I do find what you said about finance being about how hard you work to be interesting. I've always been told that only the smartest usually are able to break into the best of firms

      What area of finance are you in?

    • There are many alternatives to that reasoning which are more likely.

      I also highly doubt my username is making you any more or less interested in what little I am contributing to your life. You probably won't remember me in fifteen minutes. We can't escape the identity problem though, because all you've hidden is a username, your age is still there (presuming you aren't lying to begin with), sex as well (presuming that isn't a lie), and all you've deigned me worthy of knowing, which is the plight itself, is what you will be judged on. This makes me hungry.

      It is true, only the smartest are, but "smart" isn't what people define it as. Smart behavior is a combination of knowledge and execution; being knowledgeable is worthless on it's own and being hard working but inefficient the same. In the world of adults we set aside silly nonsense like "intelligence" for something called "results".

      But we are not to talk about me. Let's talk about you. It is, after all, your question.

  • I hear you, I had the same situation

    • With feelings of attachment? I just feel so down thinking no more apartment or school or anything which I had a comfort zone in

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    • are you good at math?

    • Not really. But I don't think it matters too much unless it's a really good firm.

      I looked at a couple of postings where it just needs a degree of business as a requirement and some work experience. It didn't ask for GPA

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