Are you good at negotiating prices when you buy something?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I mean, there are a couple of key variables you aren't specifying here.
    * How rare is the item?
    * How bad do I want it?
    * How much demand is there? (If I use the walk-away tactic, how much time will probably pass until someone else bids on it?)

    I am normally VERY good at negotiating, but, in a perfect-storm situation -- it's a rare item, there's lots of demand, and I know others will come knocking -- I'll have to just belly up and pay the asking price.
    Even so, I'd still try to use my own connections and expertise to bargain a little. If I could trade with my own services -- or, if I'm negotiating for something car-related, with things like hard-to-find motorcycle or car parts (we have lots of those at my father's garage) -- I'd try that route first.

    For items with less demand, I am pretty amoral when it comes to negotiating tactics. For instance, if it's a meet-up for something that's being sold online, I'd think nothing of setting up fake eBay or Auto Trader listings for "other sellers" with prices closer to my asking price. Also, the art of the fake phone call (have yr friend call you during a negotiation and pose as "another seller" as you step outside and talk really loudly) is a fine art indeed. LOL

    My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE thing, in negotiations, is the strategic use of perfect silence.
    Most people just TOTALLY CANNOT HANDLE silence. They'll make a counter, or an offer... and then I'll just stare at them ahahhah. It's AMAZING how much most people will be willing to do some additional bargaining after you do this -- especially if they are the one who breaks eye contact first.
    (I think this is even more effective because I'm female. Men are totally not prepared to deal with a woman who actually knows how to negotiate, as opposed to that "being coy" bullshit that I've never been able to do anyway.)


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes. I'm a hard boiled rat. That helps me a lot. I'll argue, belittle & shame the salesperson until I get close to my ridicules price.
    I kind of like it.
    There's nothing I won't walk away from.


What Girls Said 2

  • 😂😂 I'm the worst when I want something. Just give it to me, idc about the cost.

    • Really? So if someone told you he sells a box of gums for millions you'd buy it?

    • That's outrageous.

      See, now if there were a pair of heels. Just my size, to my exact style, hell yeah I'll fork over a few hundred for those shoes.

      I think the most expensive shoes I've bought were 300-400. Pair of heels, beautiful, now destroyed. Had them for about 3 years, no regrets. :]

  • Nope. I don't like to do that, and I don't even try.

    • Why?

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    • So do you want to get fooled instead?

      For example imagine you were collecting comics. And someone was selling you an issue for $50 when others were selling it $20. Would you say yes, instead of doing a research first?

    • You're right.

      No, I wouldn't. That's a big difference. So, I would do a research first.

What Guys Said 3

  • Yes, got a bundle off my car I bought couple years ago. Walked out feeling amazing, like a boss 😎😎

  • No I'm too beta to negotiate shit

  • Im bad at this.. lol

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