Do you think you would be able to spot a transgender if one walked in a ladies room?

There are cases where some guy picks up a transgender without even knowing it and they go somewhere to have sex and that is when he realizes it and in a fit of anger kills them. The point is this is somebody that actually could not tell even after picking them up thinking they were a girl and did not find out until they saw them naked. How will you be able to tell if you aren't even looking at them directly.


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  • No, because they would look like any other female walking into the womans bathroom. Do people actually think transgender people haven't been using the restroom this whoooollleee time? Nope, they have. Its just in todays media its being more recognized. Im more worried about someone not washing their fucking hands than a trans woman walking into the same bathroom as me. Let them fucking pee.

    • I completely agree. One time I saw a person come out of the bathroom stall and she didn't wash her hands. I mean we even made direct eye contact! It was super gross.

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  • I honestly couldn't care less, nor would I be looking. I go into the bathroom to take care of my business and leave, not monitor who goes in while I'm there.


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  • Yeah most are too easy to spot.

    • Yes some are very easy to spot but smaller frame more feminine ones can be more difficult.

    • Rule of thumb always look at the jaw first that usually gives it away if that still doesn't help look at the hair male and female hair is always different and usually guys gone into girls are the easiest to spot cause women have more hair growing on the back of their head and men on the front. So for a man turned to woman he usually gets a wig or if he has enough money a real life wig from real human hair you get order online. Women to man same thing look at the jaw or neck.

    • As far as people walking into bathrooms nobody studies them you just see them in your peripheral vision.