Should I be worried?

My fiance is training to become a pilot.
I used to be a flight attendant in the past, and I've seen the industry.
I am supportive of the job since it is a good job, but I'm worried about the whole going to other countries with these women (flight attendants) and etc.. you know?
He is the most trusting man ever, that's for sure. I've never ever had to question him and he's very committed to me.
But I'm a woman and we worry. Lol.
I dont want to stop him from his dream though.


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  • Like you said, it's just a worry. You won't really be able to help it, but if you trust him there's no reason to doubt him just because of stuff you've heard about the industry. As a flight attendant, you didn't hook up with every pilot you flew with right?

    • I never hooked up with anyone as an FA, to everyones surprise lol.
      Everyone who knows my fiance is saying im being really stupid for worrying because they know how committed he is to me and of taking care of me, providing for our future family.
      I guess I'm just worrying and overthinking. Its been one of his biggest dreams and I dont want to ruin it for him, but he's noticing Im coming off as unsupportive even though I just want him to know what he's getting into since I've seen it. He just wants me to trust him.

    • Then trust him :) if everyone who knows him will vouch for him, and you know deep down he would never, then do your best to be supportive. I can tell you really do care for this guy.

  • Can't stop him from his dream. he WILL resent you.. Id say let What will Happen, happen. If he is a cheater, it won't matter the job, trust his Character!! this coming from some one who is going through a change like this.. Scary as all hell..

  • Well, you know the industry well and you know him well... If it's common for these women to sleep with pilots (I'm assuming that's your worry) but you know him well and know he's not that type and is a very trustworthy person in most aspects of his life, I'm sure you'll be fine.

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