Was he attracted to me?

There's this smart guy in one of my classes.

I guess I was wearing a dress and my strap kept showing so I was adjusting it.

I turned to my right, and this guy just looked at me like this :O and then looked away real fast.

I really don't get why people make a big deal about a strap. I mean of course it's supposed to be hidden but even if it shows, it's a strap it's not showing any skin at all. I would be embarrassed if even a little bit of my cleavage shows (which it never does), and people walk around in broad daylight wearing low-cut tops yet a strap is considered revealing?

*shakes head*

Guys was he


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  • Nope he wasn't.

    • What makes you say that?

      I know he was making a joke afterwards and was looking around the room to see who laughed.

      I didn't.

  • maybzzzzzzzz


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