I'm almost always smiling?

I'm not looking at stupid cellphone and all that texting for no reason. But when ever I go I look at people, nature and so on.

and when I look I smile, but some people look at me so angry because I'm smilling. Mostly girls are like what the hell you're smilling. I got message like it's not allowed to smile :/

But I love to smile, I'm different, I'm usually 99% time happy haha :)

Can you explain why some people don't like smiling?

Can you explain what does it mean?
what do you think?


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  • I'm the same. I seem to have a tattooed smile on my face 😂 Smiling is a natural reaction for me, some people I know never smile . So maybe it's these types of people who are offended by you smiling

    Don't stop smiling just because some people are too serious and have a view that smiling is weird or wrong.

    Strangers often smile at me. I generally smile back. I view it as rude not to. Smiling is just a facial expression and I don't view people as creepy just coz they smile at me.


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  • Well, with me, it comes off as a bit arrogant and conceited.

    I don't smile often, since I'm not someone who likes to show emotion a lot.

    • it's warm and healthy :) smile more!

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  • i like that :)
    some people are yet to open their eyes to the beauty of life like I'm guessing u have.

  • I LOVE smiling people and it comes off as warm and friendly to people, I don't know why some people seem to hate smiling maybe because they feel they can't smile or they have let life beat them up and forgot how to smile and laugh at life, and are jealous of those who can smile :) I am an always smiling person too. just look at my profile lol Keep happily smiling :) :) :) :) smiles

  • I don't care who you are, if you're just walking around town with a smile on your face, you look crazy.



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