Can you argue that private companies with competition and regulation provide a better service than public bodies?

Although private companies do need to profit, with competition and regulation, there's a need for them to offer high quality and safe services for them to survive, whether it's in consumer electronics or public services such as utilities, transport or healthcare. On the other hand public bodies survive no matter what as they are owned by governments and so there's less incentive for them to spend wisely, or provide high quality services. So could competition be brought into the public sector?

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What Girls Said 1

  • Yes, but making sure there's competition and regulations are huge. There are already private companies that amass enough power and control, such as cable companies Comcast and Time Warner, who form partnerships behind the scenes and stake out the geography so that they effectively have monopolies on their business in different areas. You can't get Time Warner in New York, and you can't get Comcast in Philadelphia. They stay out of each other's way, which greatly reduces their drive to offer good quality service for survival.

    • True. And I guess at its heart, private companies put profit first, which can also be dangerous.

What Guys Said 2

  • Depends on the circumstances. The problem with regulations is they are written by public officials who are frequently corrupt and usually stupid. That's why you get 'regulatory capture'.

    Public employees are useless in most countries. There are exceptions were the society reveres and gives high status to them.

  • Used to have great garbage service where I live. Then they privatized it. Now I get shitty service and pay more.

    Obvouslly when you put profits into the mix things will eventually cost you more because... you know-greed.

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