In honor of the great Muhammad Ali, come up with a rhyme about yourself?

As you know the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) passed away this morning. He was also very poetic. So I want to see if any of you can come up with your best rhymes. Best ones get MHO. Here is mins

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee
I'm the great mytake writer of GAG
Ali could knock Tyson out like a light
He sure as hell made George Foreman go night night.


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  • A secret of the ocean,
    an attitude of the thunder,
    it's hard to tell who I am,
    one has to ponder.


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  • I stand at the window and ponder the night
    I watch the dark shadows beyond the light
    See one move, a black on black sway
    And feel dark eyes looking my way
    With a shiver i step into the dark of my room
    No light behind me its dark as tomb
    I hope whatevers out there missed me move
    I take deep breaths to still my heart and soothe
    As i stare from my vantage place in the gloom
    Seeking a figure of menace and doom
    Nothing is out there in the still of night
    No people , no animals, no noise, no light
    As i turn away with a chuckle at my fanciful mind
    Whatever was out there responded in kind.
    A single chuckle rolled over the way
    Deep and sinister and as clear as day
    Ice seized my heart and turned me stone
    That terrible realisation your no longed alone
    My eyes were dragged back to the way
    Where i first seen darkness shift and sway
    My teeth bared in a snarl and my eyes stared
    As terror took me unaware
    Out there amongst the black trees
    A figure in the shadows ruffled by a gentle breeze
    Standing there staring, he could feel the weakening in his knees
    Although the time was very late
    To walk at night was some folks fate
    Which would have been a very reasonable excuse
    Apart from one small detail he couldnt explain away
    Which made his knees buckle and start to sway
    The man who stood in the dark
    Between the road and the edge of the park
    His face was a smooth as a new wall
    Blank, no eyes or mouth or anything at all
    He felt a pressure inside which he knew was a scream
    Before he passed out he prayed this was a dream
    As he slid down to the floor
    He heard that sinister chuckle once more


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  • I am the last of those who were,
    and the first of those to come.
    a remnant of the thought,
    I am you, and we are one.

  • He was always show boating about how fast he was , and in all fairness he was pretty damn fast so I'll do a play on that.
    I'm so fast I can turn off the bed room light and be in the bed before the room gets dark

  • The Fugees and Busta Rhymes out down PLENTY of rhymes in regards to Muhammad Ali: 8-)

  • a well place lie, and the right person will die

  • According to my diagnosis
    I have tuberculosis
    I'm going to cough and throw up blood
    Like I'm pregnant
    But I'm not knocked up
    Wait fuck
    Am I pregnant?
    You're done, son. Checkmate.

    Inspired by sleep deprivation

  • I know where I'm going and I know the truth, and I don't have to be what you want me to be. I'm free to be what I want.

    The man who has no imagination has no wings.

    i love Muhammad ali, he was a great inspiration for me.

  • roses are red, violets are blue
    your mother is a cock whore
    I shank her till her butt got sore.
    rip Muhammad Ali

  • I'm the best, I'm the worst, I'll have my fun.
    I'm not good, I'm not bad. I'm no one.

  • Roses are red, i give up easily.

  • Cromartie
    Fuck you all

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