Can only smart people achieve scores like this?

I remember taking an exam for a third year psych class and I got one question wrong on the whole exam lol.

I think I got a 96.6% or something.

Sometimes I forget how smart I was :)


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  • A smart person would have gotten 100%.

    I am just kidding with you lol good job!

    • Ha ha but does that make me smart? Do a lot of people get scores like that?

      Sometimes I feel like I'm smart but I don't work hard enough.

    • There are different kinds of smart. Some people remember a lot, others have no problem understanding complex concepts, and so on. You just have to figure out whats your area of smartxpertise.

    • But do people who are generally not that smart score on exams like this? I've been wondering lately if I'm smart, kinda smart, or intelligent.

      I think I am more about no problem understanding complex concepts. I love courses that are 'harder' but have NO readings in it.

      I HATE READINGS. It bores me. I would rather learn from slides and problem sets.

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  • haha, anyone can achieve anything with hard work and a bit of luck baby girl. congrats =]

    • I don't really know about that. Sometimes University exams are designed so it's simply not possible even with a lot of hard work for someone to do well.

      Because all those readings have to process through.

      But thank you :D.

    • i see. I'm yet to experience that, but i guess it depends on the uni.
      no worries.

    • It depends on the course I think.

      I think this exam tested 30 questions so even a few wrong would bring down someone's grade. With all those many chapters, unless you truly processed the material it would be harder to do well.

      I never even took notes. I just highlighted and read really carefully.

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  • Why not 100% #Asian
    Naww, 96% is very good, and that's probably more than the average person gets.

    • True. Thanks :)

      I have trouble believing I'm smart. I don't know why :S

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    • That's a great way to think, and a healthy way to view life, keep at it. ^.^

    • Thank you, will do :) :)

  • You are what you are. A test doesn't change you, it only lets you make pointless comparisons to others.

    • I don't really know if I'm smart.

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    • And how does that change you? Can you do something now you couldn't do before?

    • Yes. It gives me confidence and confidence makes you achieve/do more.


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  • Uh intelligence isn't defined by only test scores LOL

    • True. But strong test scores are likely a strong indicator of it.

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