I'm feeling misanthropic but I'm not depressed?

What do I do. I just don't like other people, I don't like the things they like or their aesthetics and they don't like mine. I hardly ever hang out with anyone in real life outside of work. But I'm also not depressed? I used to be depressed like 3 years ago but I'm seriously fine now, I'm even excited to be alive honestly. I just don't get along with other people. Maybe I need to move to a new place or what?


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  • YES, you need to move to a new place/ find people who share your common interests and wants.

    What i realized is that those who surround you can literally make you or break you! They have so much impact and influence on you and if are not careful you can very easily become like them. What you need to find are people whom you want to be like, who inspire you and be like them/hang around them! Then you will see your spirits lift up and become who you were meant to become.. Dont let life become a boring dull routine, try something new! Change things every now and then and then see for yourself what you would like to do :) Meeting people and having meaningful connections with others is really a key ingredient to happiness!

    Good luck! ;)

    • Thanks for the motivation! :)

      I think I agree. I live in NH and most of my best friends live in NY which is like 4.5 hours away wahhh. But I'm about to get a new job in Cambridge MA which is an hour from where I live... maybe I should try to move there as soon as possible instead of commuting?

    • yeah you should move closer, one hour drive is a long time.. Plus, you can meet new people in the area and attend/join groups, etc! everything is more fun when its new and you are open minded to it, things dont work the same way so if u are a person who is not open to new experiences, people, cultures, mentality and way of doing things then maybe you will not like it.. but if you are that way, then sure go ahead and have a great time!

    • Thanks for commenting on my questions!

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  • Yeah , you need to move. The people there sound toxic for you. You do sound a bit depressed but it doesn't sound that serious. Maybe you can try making online friends?

    • Nah trust me, I know what it's like to be depressed and I'm not. I have none of the symptoms other than not wanting to hang out with people. But okay point taken, moving might be best then. I do have online friends and I have friends that I want to spend time with, it's just that the majority of them live 3-5 hours away.

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