Would you marry a girl with judicial precedents?

In my case, she was caught in possession of illegal weed who her ex asked her to hide for him, when the cops arrived to search them. While i know she is innocent, but i find her too stupid to risk for a guy. She got out with judicial precedents after one year from dealing with the court. (No jail time, or public service) I'm not sure. What does it mean exactly to have judicial precedents? Would that intervene in our future life?

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  • I think after a certain time period, it'll come off her record

    • Where did you read this?

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  • No. Girls that allow themselves to be involved in those type of environment, are not worth it in my opinion. There's quality girls out there, investing time with the opposite is a stupid choice.

    • She isn't a stoner herself, but dating a stoner and hiding illegal weed for him when the cops come to search him? Stupid asf.

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    • Okay, thanks. By the way i like your beard, how long did i take you to grow it? I got the same haircut too, and nice chicks!

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  • if it happened when she was 16 then in the u. s her criminal record has been sealed

  • She ain't too bright. Is she?

    • Bah, she isn't a stoner.

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    • Her judgment? She said it happened 8 years ago when she was 16, she said she wasn't mature enough back in there and she broke up with him right after that. Seriously? I was 12 and no one could trick me into doing such a thing, i guess she wasn't too bright back in there. (i fear she isn't bright now, although she seems so)

    • friends with benefits maybe. Serious squeeze? Caveat emptor !

  • Yes why not.

    • She got judicial precedents? Doesn't that mean anything to you?

    • if I love her I wouldn't worry about it

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