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There one was a giraffe at the size of a tea cup
Who old ladies confused to be a caniday pup
They one compared her to a lobster
At the peer they feard they had lost her
On all tabals and pots they looked for a sign
But that was when she drew the line
She tried and tried to not be found
And so she hid where lobsters go
To the stoney sound
Where crayons grow
It just gos to show
Crayons of all different colors are individual bit with othors

3min The meaning behind it the old ladies represent the comparison and judgment to today's society and and the when they lose her at the peer it is because that is where she drownd herself so she went and her body footed to the island of btokin crayons (broken individuals not just people individuals) and the end line, " it just gos to show crayons of all difrant colors are individual buy with others " it means where he goes (heaven the island of broken crayons) is where every one can be together in Harmony


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  • I like it but I don't understand it

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