Should I believe mirror or people's perception?

When I look in the mirror, I just see a good looking guy. But when I go outside lots of people stare at me, sometimes girls totally turn their head to look at me. Random dude, girls, my friends told me I'm very beautiful guy (mostly because I'm effeminate looking). In the clubs, girls continuously hit/approach me. Overall it makes me feel like I'm very very attractive guy. But when I return back, looking in the mirror I see the same guy.

I can remember once in a club, most of the girl (even the bartender) was peeking/eyeing me. But comparing myself with the other handsome guy, I became so self conscious that I left the club without dancing.


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  • pictureee pls :) remember that looks really are not everything that can make you actractive, the way you walk, how confident you are and how you do things can say a lot about someome

    • I'm sorry, as I'm already anonymous. This q is quite embarrassing, so I don't want people recognize me. Also by definition, you are also a stranger. I already mentioned strangers looking at me, said I'm very beautiful, look like a model etc.

    • I understand, but we can't tell you how we think about you and give you advise if you don't have a picture, that's what your whole question is about.. Not all strangers have the same opinion. But if you don't want to show your facce it's fine, but i can't give you and advise then

    • and what is wrong exactly, if you think you're a good looking guy, and other people also think you are beautiful there is nothing to worry about i guess

  • You should believe a photo because that's how people see you.

    • True, but I'm trying to say may be I saw myself in different way than people see me.

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