Moral Dilemma Scenario?

A madman kidnaps two people, a man and a woman, who are strangers to one another.
He points a gun at them and says, "Have sex with each other while I film, and I'll set you free. Refuse, and I'll shoot you both."
The woman says, "I'd rather die than do that, you'll have to shoot me."
But the male victim says, "I don't want to anymore than you do, but I have a family and children who need me, I have no choice."

Would the man be wrong to try and have sex against the woman's will to save both their lives? If he did, who's the rapist, him or the kidnapper?
Also would the woman be wrong to sacrifice not only her own life but also this other innocent victim's?


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  • Woman's wrong for not fucking taking one for the team, and the madman's wrong for obvious reasons. More wrong than the woman.

  • LMAO what #Maxemeister said = what i was going to say.

  • I like this woman honor! This honor does worth a lot to her maybe more than her life. I think the man has to respect her and sacrifice his life just for this honor woman. Overall, all of us will die but just die for something worth it๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ


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