Travelling by myself?

So I live in Europe and I want to go as a volunteer to South America (Honduras) for 1 month. I asked my friend if she wanted to come but she's not sure. I really want to go but I'm not sure if it would be a cool idea to go by myself
please tell me what do you think and if you have ever done something similar


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  • I live in mexico and i can tell you honduras is not the safest place for an european to be. I know you are full of good intentions but people in these countrie are not full of good people. If you are still going to honduras just be aware of all the risks there are. I might sound like your mother but i hate when i see in the news foreign people getting kidnapped or murdered in latin america.

    • oh my gosh! well thanks! but once i am there i would stay with some people from the organization

    • Well thats something but yet i wouldn't go all by myself. I advice you to go with someone you already know very well.

    • thank you (:

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  • it can be dangerous if you have no emergency contact at home

    • I would stay with someone there i mean in an organitation

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  • Before I had my daughter, I used to love travelling alone.
    Being somewhere with someone is always fun and you have someone to share those experiences with, but there is so much to be said for going solo. You get to go where you want when you want and you're able to enjoy it how you want. You're on your own time , and you actually get to take more of it in like that.
    It also gives you so much confidence, you have to figure pretty much everything out yourself and exert yourself to things you'd usually leave to other people and you do end up surprising yourself.
    It's only scary because it's outside your comfort zone, but most of the best things are anyway.
    Honestly, just go. You'll have the time of your life. You may not have friends when you get there, but you will by the time you leave.

    • Thank you so much for your advice, I think I will go I'm just a little scared :) thanks

    • Everything worth doing is scary, right? :)

      Trust me, you will thank yourself.
      Have a wonderful time :)

  • Eeeeeeeh, that really depends on the country you are going to. Like, Honduras? I would say you need to bring someone with you. Did you do any research on the place as far as violence and crime goes?

    • yeah i would stay there with some good people but i still wonder if i should go because i really want to