Do you ever feel behind in life?

Do you ever look around at family and friends and think "wow, they really have their life together"?

This is me constantly.
I've done so many things in my life time (lol im not that old) that people are shocked at how many different jobs/careers I've already experienced. I just can't seem to find something that I am PASSIONATE about AND great at.. how do you find that exactly? Dance, singing, cooking, art.. people are so lucky to be passionate about these things.
Right now I am jobless since I am getting married soon and leaving the city anyway, so not many employers want to keep me around for just 2 months (quit my last job-was terrible).
I can't help but feel kind of useless, you know? Lol I know this is a normal and common feeling but I feel if I was passionate about something, I'd have a more clearer goal and something to work towards.
All I know is I am passionate about my man, that's for sure : )


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  • Yeah I always feel like I'm playing catch up on life. There's always gonna be someone out there doing better than me and they may even be younger too. I've met so many people younger than me doing much more with their lives than I am. It used to really bother me and sometimes it still does but I just try and focus on doing my best.