URGENT navel piercing?

so i got my belly button pierced like 9 months ago. it was having trouble healing went to doctors and they said its just dry so i put bio oil on it and it healed it all up. but the skin left was very thin and now it has fallen out and left two little bumps where the skin was that was holding it in. i have re put bio oil on and want to know will it heal completely and how to help it heal and can i get it re done


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  • Take it out.
    Let it heal.
    Get it redone at a reputable piercer.
    It sounds like they botched you.
    Bio oil shouldn't be an issue. Its the piercing.

  • If you let it heal and get it redone, they'll have to choose a different angle so it might be crooked. I would recommend talking to whoever pierced it, or visit another tattoo and piercing shop.