Why am I so afraid of being taken advantage of? Is it because I'm beautiful?

I had this dream of a young girl (actress) being taken advantage of by this older man.

It really sickened me, I woke up super-distressed.

Lately I can't seem to get these awful thoughts out of my head. I don't know what's wrong with me.

I am 'beautiful' and although I did pursue an education, in the middle of it something happened resulting in some pretty awful grades in-between.

I think I am likely just having anxiety about what kind of life I'd have going forward. I do not want to be some guy's pretty wife.


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  • Then don't be some guys pretty wife. Fall in love with someone, both of you work your minimum wage jobs and live a happy life where you're not compromising yourself because you're pretty but dumb and your husband isn't getting taken advantage of by a wife who doesn't truly love him.

    • I'm not dumb. This might be the actual problem.

      Just because my grades dropped doesn't mean I'm not capable. It just means my grades dropped.

      There are of course consequences to that.

      By the way, I never said I wouldn't/aren't capable of loving the 'rich' guy. Smart people aren't necessarily 'hard' to fall in love with. The problem is really is HE capable of loving me?

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  • So what do you exactly want?

  • There are people like you. You will need patience to find the right one.

    I'm not exceptionally experienced in this but that is my only "opinion" I can give you.

  • Dw so much

  • your personality isn't beautiful so you won't have to worry about being taken advantage of.

    • What makes you say my personality isn't beautiful? You don't know me, and nothing in my post suggests I have a bad personality

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    • Fair enough. But you claim it as though it's something that's absolute (that I'm not physically beautiful), when obviously it's not

    • thats the point.

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