Do beautiful girls have it better or worse?

You know something that I found?

If there's a beautiful girl who is lacking in something (for example education), the first thing everyone thinks is: use her and dump her.

Not that it's happened to me. But I am not blind to what is happening to all the other girls around me.

If there's an ugly girl, with the same lack of education, no one even tries anything with her. They don't actively think of her, but they also don't think negative things like use her and dump her.

People say all kinds of nasty things to pretty girls which they don't to ugly ones.

Moreover, even if there is a beautiful girl who is clever, somewhere along the way she is not good enough, like yeah she's beautiful and she's clever but she's not THAT clever.

Whereas an ugly girl would just be applauded for her hard work.


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  • Beautiful girls get catered to in every way.

    You said yourself, "they don't actively think of her"... yeah, but it's better to be thought of by people than to be a complete nobody.

    A beautiful girl is always treated nice by everyone except jealous girls who know them, but most people aren't jealous girls who know them. They get smiled at and helped by guys, and most girls treat them fine. I work at a grocery store, trust me, I see a fuckload of people every day, and I see how they're treated.
    Plus, my good-looking coworkers get treated pretty differently.

    • I think the issue with beautiful girls is that after a certain age people who are jealous of them say... okay so she's beautiful. But she's nothing else.

      And God forbid that actually be true, no one really suspects that the person who says stuff like that is jealous, because it is kind of true.

      And so begins the cycle of people starting to also hate that beautiful girl as she is 'looked down' on by others, or so is the belief

    • Most people are interesting by default if you actually care about them. Everyone has their story and their personality and the way they behave. Beautiful girls also have these things. They naturally have a story, personality, and unique behavior, and on top of that they're beautiful. MOST OF THE TIME.

    • I don't think it's about a personality, it's more about her achievements.

      ugly people work hard because they have to. No one would take them too seriously if they didn't.

      It's true about most beautiful girls that even if they work really hard, somewhere it's a psychological thing where they hold back thinking... well, I am beautiful is this really how I want to be spending my life?

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  • ugly girls are never noticed. at least beautiful girls get attention.


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  • An ugly girl is essentially a man; she's got to work in order to get things. If you are pretty, you can Get things from nice guys

    • You don't get respect

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    • Because respect is important to me.

    • Well then earn a degree in the STEM field and don't wear makeup

  • I think it could be worse to be attractive and female. Getting creeps staring at you all day and gotta keep your guard up from pervs. Plus I'd rather be known for my personality over looks. Of course there are those people of both genders who use their looks to their advantage like getting sex easily, or material goods plus some of them having huge egos.

    • Honestly... beautiful women get put on a pedestal so high at a certain age, and when they get knocked off of it, they don't see it coming because they've been made to believe they're always going to be liked by everyone.

      But they're not.

      Kind of like in high school when all the guys wanted to date the pretty girl. And in University, they want to marry the girl who may not be beautiful but who earns well enough that the guy doesn't have to work all the time

    • Our society is a visual one and it sucks that it's like that. I don't yield to beautiful women and Infact I try to treat them like everyone else who is a stranger.

  • It's a double-edged sword. Cute girls have a lot of advantages, but can also have trouble being taken seriously. And some guys will tell them anything for a night with them.


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