Is nursing considered a prestigious thing or no? Even if it's from a good university?

This girl is marrying this guy who is not doing that well.

It made me wonder how she's doing, and I realized she's doing nursing.


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  • Not really. When it comes to the medical field... either you go all the way (become a doctor) or don't even bother at all. But now that i think about it, doctor's do need "the help" from people like nurses, so they can pickup the slack they have no time to attend.

    • I mean... do they get paid a lot, or are considered to be 'smart' people?

      I sometimes feel like those with bad grades end up doing nursing, but that could just be my lack of real knowledge about hte profession

    • Nope... you just need to know intermediate algebra, some chemistry (basic Chem), and biology. None of the pre-requisites are difficult. Average classes for an average person.

    • Ah I see.

      Makes sense.

  • Nursing is tough and respected

    • Is it really? I often find people with life science degrees that couldn't get them anywhere else end up doing a nursing program

    • It's really tough hours, but nurses make pretty good money with the overtime

  • i wouldn't consider nursing to be prestigious

    • i do not consider nurses to be smart. i consider them to be lazy and simple.

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    • You can't generalize a person's character based on a profession?

      Not ALL nurses are lazy.

      It's okay to say they're simple, but not that they're lazy

    • yeah thats fair. they are simple not lazy

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