I'm literally at wits end and need help?

So I've been in university now for the last 4 years, and I should have graduated in May, but I didn't because I failed so many classes, and was on and off academic probation many times these last 4 years.

Well I finally got suspended this semester. And now I'm not sure what to do.

I'm currently enrolled in a summer course that just started this last week, and it's so far isn't going well, I am having a hard time understanding it.

I also work a lot, because I like to have money to buy things, and I need money to support myself, like buy food, pay for rent, and other utilities.

But I also want to go to school, because I want to get an education and a degree, I'm going for Computer Information Systems (programming).

Because I got suspended, I did apply to the local tech school, but I'm not sure if they will accept me due to my current academic suspension status. I will also try to repeal the academic suspension, but I'm not seeing that going so well.

But I also want to quit working, to focus more on school, and also because it has gotten boring, because I have been doing the same thing for the last 3 years, but if I quit working I won't have an income which I need to pay for bills and such.

Another thing that has been bothering me is my friendships, no one really hangs out with me or texts me unless I start talking to them first. Another example is 2 years ago, I threw a party at my house to ring in the school year, and I invited over 100 of my friends, and not a single one showed up, only my roommates friends did. I still had fun, but I was disappointed and sad that none of my friends showed up.

I also like being in a relationship like a romantic (boyfriend/girlfriend) one, because it gives me someone to regularly hang out with on a consistent basis, and I know that they won't bail on me. Since my friends never really want to talk or hang out with me.

Thanks for your help. If you want more info, I will provide it upon request.


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  • You're overloaded. Seems like you have to choose... cut back to part time schooling, or part time work. If you are computer savvy, you could offer to fix computers or design websites on the side for extra cash.
    It's possible that the friends you had were just your friends for pre-college. Remember, most of them are probably trying to finish school/start a career and find their grown up path. Also, people tend to stop inviting you to do things when you haven't accepted invites or you haven't shown up when you say you will.
    I get 2-4 hours of sleep a day, have 3 jobs and wish I was your age again! Make school work, and things even out. I chose a job over schooling, even though I knew it was the wrong choice.


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  • I'd suggest reducing your work hours if possible so you have more time to study but still have enough money to actually pay your bills.
    You know you're not doing well in summer courses right now, so talk to your teacher, get some one on one help... there's no shame in learning at a different pace than everyone else.

    Think of your priorities, you wanting to be in a relationship or strengthening your relationship with friends isn't important as of now.


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  • You should have joined a study group if there was any available.

  • What's your question?


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