Ever lost something super important at the worst time? What was it? Story?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes, my penis.

    I was in middle school and its fifteen minutes till lunch. We were playing musical chairs in Music and I asked if I could go empty the dam.

    The teacher said, "Move it you lose it." As it happens I had an itch on my left nut, so naturally, I scratched it.

    Fast forward to lunch. I'm in the bathroom and undo my belt, spread my pants and lower my boxers. But lo and behold, nothing was there.

    The only logical thing was to then turn around and, with my pants down, ask the other boys in the room where my penis had gone. They were all equally confused.

    Long story short, I just wasted your time, have a good day reader.

    TLDR: Don't call me Caitlyn


Most Helpful Girl

  • Not that I can think of. I'm pretty organized.


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What Guys Said 1

  • I was getting late for home
    When I tried to open the car door I realised that the keys are inside and the doors are locked :p
    Then I called a friend and somehow he open the door
    Don't ask what happened at home
    It'll sound quite horrible


What Girls Said 1

  • Had a ten page research paper due, typed up and all, worth about 15% of my grade for the semester. Got to class and realized I left it in the fucking car. Almost had a heart attack and passed out. Teacher was understanding luckily!

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