What side do you support in the Syrian Civil War?

  • Government
  • Rebels
  • Kurds
  • ISIL
  • Other
  • Screw it, lets just glass the place
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  • Some of the Rebels, and ISIL have the same ideologies... I'm with the government and the Kurds.

    • If you support Bashar Al-Assad who drops chemical bombs on his civilian people and makes his prison guards torture political dissidents in gruesome ways, you might as well support ISIS. They are pretty much on the same level.

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    • @BlueCoyote again more shaming.

    • The dictionary defines what you're doing as shaming, you want to try and say that the dictionary is wrong that's fine, but you'll have to tell it to someone else.

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  • Clearly the Kurds.
    However, there is no completely satisfactory answer to this question. I like the Kurds but I don't think anyone should be fighting there.
    The best thing (which will never happen) would be if Europe and the US completely withdraw from the middle east and finally leave these people on their own. However, we shouldn't just leave them alone because that would create a political vacuum like in Iraq. Instead, all the western countries should work together and create some kind of found to financially support the middle east and help these countries rebuild the infrastructure, build schools and hospitals and find a way to democracy. Similar to the Marshall plan in post-war Germany. And of course there should be some western counsellors who mean well. But no soldiers and no evil businessmen who just try to steal the region's oil.

  • It's a tough one. Between the Kurds and the Rebels, cause obviously ISIS and the government just want to kill those who don't agree with them.
    Many of the rebels are basically just like ISIS, so I guess the Kurds is the only option left but I'm not so convinced about them either.

    Honestly, I don't side with any of them, I just want them to stop, and to stop messing with the rest of the world (this basically goes to ISIS).

  • Why should I support sides in war outside my experience? That'd be like trying to support a team in a local Argentinian rugby game. It's wrong on so many levels.

  • I support no one, I have no stake in Syria, and I wish the U. S., my country, would get the hell out. We have no business there.

  • Not much left to fight for.

  • The kurds. They seem like the least evil of the groups.

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