I want to move out of home and stand on my own two feet, what's it like when you first move out?

I want to move out of home, I need to do it really. My father is an abusive parasite, control freak. He makes my life needlessly difficult. The solution is to move; it would be so awesome. However, I am a bit uneasy about making the move; what is it like to move at first? Is it difficult? Is it easy? Let me know :)


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  • There are quite a few things that you have to adjust to and it is a lot more responsibility, but I feel like it is nessisary in the process of becoming an adult. Things like dishes, grocery shopping, garbage, and paying bills on time. Just the privacy, if not safety in your case, make moving out a nice idea.
    It might make the move easier if you could find a roommate that you are friendly with. The chores get halved that way.

  • I am in your situation, ish, I'm gonna move out by the end of the month for the first time :D It will be exciting!


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