Give me some life advice? What's wrong with me?

I'm 23 nearly finished high school. no college schooling at all. I don't even know how to enrolll. My best friend is 19 and he got accepted to northridge and I feel left behind.

I worked a part time job for 3 years before that I was on food stamps. I'm still at that part time job I got a new job I start next week 15 dollar and hour full time.

I spend my days either playing video games for 8 hours or watching t. v for 5-6 hours eating. I'm. not far thank god I run every day for a hour and exercise lift weights.

Other than that I have sex with a bunch diffent girls some my age some age 35-40 . it make. me feel good for a day or 2. I don't even like these girls. I create a personality that they would like.

I wanna go to school but in not smart in stuff u would go to school for. I bearly know how to multiply and divide.

I wanna be a writer and artist but I have no talent in drawing and no motivation to write. When I'm about to I always do something else like call friend to distract me or a. girl.

What's wrong with me.

All my. family. member live off section 8 and pay check to pay check no one has a college degree.

I know I could be great at things but I don't out the work in and then I complain about it. I get depressed when I see high school kids.

I wanna be a famous YouTube internet person by becuade of my sex life. I feel like thsg might not be possible I've sent dick picture to certain girls before and I've made. them made by not calling them back nor do I wanan be associated with the older woman I slept with.

What should I do and what's wrong with m


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  • Pick which one you want to do, then do it. Everything you've ever needed to know is at your fingertips. If you have access to the internet, you have answers. Don't know how to do something, ask Google or Bing. Don't know what you want to do or how to go about it? Go to lifereimagined. org
    There's really nothing wrong with you, we all search for distractions. We all spin our tires in the mud, sometimes more often than not. But if you can play video games for 8 hours you can focus on a goal, you just need to find one.
    (I'm not being negative about the video game playing, that takes persistence and dedication)


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  • hmmm i don't think college is the problem here... you need people to make you feel loved/cared of... or maybe you need a SO


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