How many of these interests do you have?

Tec, maths, science, anima, most movies and shows that aren't slow paced extremely indie or musicals particularly superhero and sci fi, creating programs games, apps, websites, sports and fitness but playing I get bored watching sports or playing ones where you spend ages standing around like cricket , fixing things.

  • Just the inspecific tastes in entertanment (1)
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  • Making things and tec (2)
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  • Playing sports (3)
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  • 2 of the above
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  • all 3
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  • none
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  • I'm into know how things work/building stuff myself. Not too much into video games anymore, not into anime, but like vampire/monster movies. Love the outdoors, biking/fishing but not into team sports... too much of a cult feeling for me.


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  • Cricket is quite fun with the uncles and cousins.

    I chose sports.

  • I like some of all 3


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